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Revealing the untold chapters of the Indian Freedom Struggle

The CCS University, Meerut situated in an area where bravery, chivalry is inherent in blood, stands true to the above couplet when one weighs it in terms of the efforts made continuously right from its establishment in 1965 to the present day. It is a prestigiousUniversity in India which has been continuously unfolding the untold chapters of Indian Freedom Struggle right from “Indian Revolution of 1857" to the “Goa MuktiSangram" (15 August, 1955) covering all the movements in general and the Gandhian Movements in particular.

Recognition of KrantiDiwas (10th May)

The University commemorates the martyrs of 1857as freedom fighters of the First War of Independence against British, which was narrated by the British wrongly as Mutiny. The teachers and students of the University raised their voices to name May 10, 1857, the day when the revolution broke out from Meerut, as KrantiDiwas which was being named as ShahidDiwas till then. The voice was communicated to the Parliament and the Government realized the importance of the nomenclature which was only signifying a history reported by the British. Since 1989, the University has been paying homage to the less-known and unknown martyrs of the ‘KrantiDharaa’ through various events, one of them being ‘Paidal March to the Red Fort, during May 7-11, 2022.

  1. The District Administration in 2002 declared local holiday on 10th May to be celebrated as 'Kranti-Diwas'.
  2. On the behest of the University researchers, Member of the Parliament, Shri Rajendra Aggarwal, attracted attention of the House in 2015 for upgrading the Museum at the ShaheedSmarak in Meerut. In 2018, release of a financial assistance of an amount of Rs. 3.5 crore was granted to upgrade the “RajkiyaSwatantrataSangrahalaya”, Meerut for “Light & Sound" show from the Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India, New Delhi.
  3. Our University has announced free higher education to eligible students seeking admission to various degree programmes, belonging to Village Basod, which lost all its men during 1857 revolt.


Inclusion of Unsung Heroes in Syllabi

  1. The Board of Studies in History has included topics such as “Shri Gandhi Ashram” and “The Massacres in Meerut during the Quit India Movement”, in 2019 in the syllabi at both UG & PG levels.
  2. A minor course open for all streams, has been introduced while implementing NEP-2020 entitled “Hastinapur and Kuru Kingdom through the Ages: History, Culture and Archaeology (3000 BC- 2000 AD)”, in the year 2021.
  3. TheUniversity has included chapters on less known or unknown brave heroes lost in oblivion, as research projects, so that the students are made aware of the unwritten history of their own people.In 2021, the Board of Studies in History introducedcourses onthe "IndianRevolution of 1857" in the syllabi of its Postgraduate curriculum as well as UG curriculum.

‘Freedom Fighters' Museum’ & Research

  1. The department of History has a ‘Freedom Fighters' Museum’ containing life-sketches, research literature & material as well as a photo gallery of unknown & less known freedom fighters. A number of Ph.D. theses have been produced revealing the untold chapters of national movement.
  2. The local people could get authentic information about local people who had taken arms up against Colonial British Imperialism, but remained unknown. For example, ShahmalJat, Rao Kadam Singh, Dhunna Singh, Chaudhary Hardayal Singh, Chaudhary Nain Singh, LalaMatol Chand, Chaudhary Zabardast Khan, Nawab Chaudhary Ulfat Khan, Walidad Khan and many more were identified& recognised.
  3. Several sites related to the events of 1857 have been identified and a lot of relevant material has been collected through a “dense field work” at ground level which has been incorporated in the book "1857 KaViplavawhich wasreleased in the inaugural session of the National Seminar in the year 2008 on “Regional History & Historiography of 1857" sponsored by the ICHR, New Delhi.
  4. More than six dozen these, dissertations and books have been produced by the research scholars and teachers of the University, highlighting the contribution of unsung Heroes.

                 Organization of seminars/ symposia

  1. An unbroken chain of celebrating NetajiSubhash Chandra Bose Birth Anniversary on 23rd January each year right from 1989 till present day. The Literary and Cultural Council celebrates Sardar Patel's Jayanti on 31st October each year, for example Two Day National Seminar on “Two Millennia of Indian Resistance andUnification” and “LohPurushSardarVallabh Bhai Patel : VyaktittvaevamKritittva” was organized on 31st Oct & 1st November 2018. In these events, special focus is given on the contribution of unsung heroes of Indian freedom struggle, to learn about them and to infuse nationalism in young minds.
  2. The University organised 34 programmes celebrating 75 years of Independence, under the ‘AzadikaAmritMahotsav’, from March 12, 2021, the ‘Dandi March Day’ to August 18, 2022.


  1. Also, more than three dozen lectures, conferences, seminars & symposia were held during the last five years exploring, exhibiting and highlighting the role of less-known and unsung heroes of the region who laid their lives in the freedom struggle of the country.

The University honours the members of the families of lesser -known martyrs of Indian Freedom Struggle, who belong to the villages of the catchment area of this University on Kranti-Diwas (May 10), every year. Their stories of valour fill the youth with national pride and patriotism.
The people of this area identify themselves as successors of a warrior clan. To keep alive the memories of freedom fighters, the young minds of the University are motivated to join Indian defence & para-military services. For example, Jaat Regiment of Indian Army attracts our students in large numbers.