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Application Form for Admission to Exempt Category of Ph.D. Course-2021 -- --
UG Admission Registration Form -- --
Registration Form for Admission through Entrance Test in University Campus and Affiliated Colleges 2021-22 -- --
Examination Form Start Date End Date Apply Admit Card
Examination Form for MDS: January-2022 -- --
Examination Form for BDS Main Exam and Supplementary Exam : January-2022 -- --
Examination Form for M.Ed. (2 Year Course) : Dec-2021 -- --
Examination Form for M.P.Ed. Odd Sem Main Exam/Back Exam/Ex-Student : Dec-2021 -- --
Examination Form for MBBS (Regular/Supplementary) : 2021 -- --
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Examination Schedule/ Centre for M.B.B.S I & II Prof. (Main & Supplementary) and III Prof. Part-I only supplementary Course Jan 202204 Jan 2022
Examination Schedule & Centres for MBBS II Prof. & III Prof. Part-I only Supply. Dec, 2021 Exam 06 Dec 2021
Date Sheet of French & Russian Language Courses20 Nov 2021
Date Sheet of Leftout codes of Special Semester Exam 202111 Nov 2021
Datesheet of Leftout codes of Back Paper Exam 202111 Nov 2021
Regarding Campus Special Back Paper-2021 Date sheet02 Nov 2021
Examination Program for B.P.Ed - 1st Year (2 Year Course/ 1 Year Course)29 Oct 2021
Examination Programme M.Phil (Education)-II Semester (Special & Back Paper Exam)28 Oct 2021
Examination Programme (Special & Back Paper Exam)22 Oct 2021
Examination Programe for M.Ed. and M.P.Ed. - 4th Semester (Main, Ex & Back Paper) Two Year Course Session 2019-2128 Sep 2021
Examination Schedule for M.B.B.S. I prof. and M.B.B.S. II prof. Part-II only Supplementary Course August, 2021 Exam13 Aug 2021
Exam Schedule of Subject Code E-401 new For B.Ed.-II Students06 Aug 2021
Revised Exam Schedule for M.D.S. IIIrd Year (Main Batch 2018-20) & (Supply Batch 2017-20)30 Jul 2021
Exam Schedule for M.D.S Ist Year (Main Batch 2020-23)27 Jul 2021
Examination Programme for B.Voc (Medical Lab. & Molecular Diagnostics Technology)- I Sem./ B.Voc (Airlines,Tourism and Hospitality Management)- I Sem.26 Jul 2021
Examination Schedule for B.U.M.S.(Unani) Main Exam (Only 4th Year) August-202123 Jul 2021
Change in Examination Programme for M.Sc.(Botany) Even Semester Exam22 Jul 2021
Examination Programme for Pre-Ph.D. (Chemistry, Physical Education) Course Work (Session 2018-19) July, 202122 Jul 2021
Examination Programme for Integrated MBA(HA)-I Sem.19 Jul 2021
Examination Programme for MBA(HA)-I Sem./ B.A. B.Ed. -IV Year (left out exam) / BLISc.- I Sem.17 Jul 2021
Examination Programme for M.A. (Political Science) IV Sem. Old Course under CBCS Course (Only for University Campus)16 Jul 2021
Examination Programme of M.A. (Psychology) IV Sem. C.B.C.S. Course (Only for University Campus) June-202113 Jul 2021
Re Examination Programme of M.A. (Urdu) Sub. Code (CO-5603) based on C.B.C.S. Campus Course 13 Jul 2021
Date Sheet of PG Diploma in Yoga Science first semester (Only for University Campus) Session 2020-2113 Jul 2021
Revised Examination Programme of B.Ed. Two year Course (II Year Only) 08 Jul 2021
Revised Examination Programme for M.Ed. IV Sem. Two year Course (Main & Back Paper) 08 Jul 2021
Revised Examination Programme of M.Sc. Nursing-II year/ B.Sc. Nursing-II, IV year/ Post Basic B.Sc. Nursing-II year (Main & Back Paper) July-202108 Jul 2021
Examination Programme For Pre-Ph.D. Course Work (Session 2018-19) July, 202107 Jul 2021
Regarding Examination Schedule for B.A.M.S./ M.D./ M.S. & B.U.M.S./ M.D./ M.S. Courses (Main & Supply) July 202130 Jun 2021
Revised Examination Programme (July-2021) B.P.Ed.-(Two Year Course) IInd Year (Session 2019-21)30 Jun 2021
Examination Programme for Post-Graduate CBCS Campus Course IV Sem. (For Main/ Ex. & Back Paper) (Only for University Campus) June-202130 Jun 2021
Examination Programme for Post-Graduate Diploma Course-I Sem. (For Main/ Ex. & Back Paper) (Only for University Campus)30 Jun 2021
Examination Scheme for M.D./ M.S. (Ayurveda) 3rd Year (Main & Supply) July-202130 Jun 2021
Notification: Examination Programme of B.B.A Ist Semester Business Ethics (Old Course 1) Paper Code-10730 Jun 2021
Notification: Examination Programme of B.D.S. IV year30 Jun 2021
Revised Notification: Examination Programme for M.B.B.S. II Prof.30 Jun 2021
Examination Programme for Evem Semester Exam (June-2021) of Final semester (Main/Ex. & Back Paper)27 Jun 2021
Related to Examination Programme of B.Sc.(Ag) Session 2020-21 Semester Exam (December-2020)27 Jun 2021
Annual Scheme of Regular/ Private & Back Paper Examination-2021 (only for II & III year) 'New'26 Jun 2021
Important Notice Regarding Exam Schedule25 Jun 2021
Examination Schedule/ Centre for for MD/ MS/ Diploma/ DM Course (Regular) Exam. for July 202122 Jun 2021
Exam Schedule of Final Sem. Exam and Final Yearly Exam. for all the Professional Courses17 Jun 2021
Exam Schedule of Ist Sem. (only Ist Semester) Exam, for All the Professional Courses and M.P.Ed. III Semester (Session 2020-21)06 Mar 2021
Exam Schedule of III, V, VII & IX Sem. (except Ist Sem.) for All the Professional Courses10 Feb 2021
Examination Programme for M.A./ M.Sc./M.Com./M.Sc.(Home Sc.)/ M.Sc.(Ag) -II IV (For Special Back Paper 2020) (For Affiliated & University Campus)25 Jan 2021
Regarding B.Ed Final Year Back Paper Exam Schedule 21 Jan 2021
Examination Scheme M.P.Ed. Main IV Semester (Session 2018-20)16 Jan 2021
Examination Programme (Special & Back Paper) LL.B. 5 Year - II, IV Semester16 Jan 2021
Exam Schedule of II, IV, VI, VIII & X Sem. Exam. (Special and Back Paper Exam only) and I,II,III & IV Yearly Exam (Back Paper Exam only) for all Professional Courses15 Jan 2021
Exam schedule for Back Paper (Only for Final year) of Regular & Private Exam-202013 Jan 2021
Examination schedule for M.B.B.S. I Prof. Regular & Supply and M.B.B.S. II Prof./ MD/MS/Diploma (Supply) Course January, 2021 Exam29 Dec 2020
Examination Schedule for M.D.S. Ist Year (Main & Supply.) B.D.S.-I,II,III & IV year (Main & Supply.) Exam for November, 202002 Nov 2020
Examination Programme for M.Phil (Education) II Sem. Main Exam (College/ Campus) 2019-20 and Ex./Back Paper Exam for Colleges (2017-18 & 2018-1924 Oct 2020
Examination Schedule for M.B.B.S.-III Prof. Part-I & Part-II (supply.) Exam 26 Sep 2020
Regarding Examination Programme of Russian & French Language Course Even Sem. Exam (June-2020)22 Sep 2020
Examination Programme for MBA (HA) IV Semester (Main, Ex. & Back)08 Sep 2020
Examination Programme for M.Phil. (II Sem.), PG Campus CBCS Course (IV Sem.), PG Campus Self Finance Course (IV Sem.), PG Diploma-Psychological Counselling (II Sem.) & PG Diploma in Yoga Education (II Sem.) 08 Sep 2020
Exam Schedule of Final Yearly Exam. for all the Paramedical Courses.04 Sep 2020
Examination Programme for BPE-III/ MPE-II (Main Only) 01 Sep 2020
Examination Programme for B.Com.(Hons.), B.Sc. Chemistry(Hons.) and B.Sc.(Food Microbiology, Safety & Quality Control)/ PG Diploma in R.S. & G.I.S.-II Sem. & Vedic Mathmatics II Sem. (Only for University Campus)31 Aug 2020
Examination Programme for M.Ed.-IV Sem. 2015-17(Main) two year Course20 Aug 2020
Examination Programme (Main only) B.Sc. Microbiology-III year & B.Sc. Biotechnology & Biotechnology (Hons.)20 Aug 2020
B.Ed. Two year year wise Examination Scheme for Session 2018-20 II year Main, Session 2017-19 II year Ex. & Back Paper and Session 2016-18 II year Ex. & Back Paper20 Aug 2020
Exam Schedule of Final Sem. Exam. and Final Yearly Exam. for all the Professional Courses20 Aug 2020
Annual Examination Programme of M.D.S. Course 3rd Year (Main 2017-20) (Supply 2016-19)20 Aug 2020
Examination Schedule for MD/MS/ Diploma/DM Course (Regular) Exam for August 202020 Jul 2020
Examination Schedule for B.A.M.S/ M.D./ M.S. & B.U.M.S/ M.D./ M.S. Course Main & Supply. March 202011 Mar 2020
Regarding Exam Schedule of only First Semester for BPES & MPES Courses (2019-20)29 Feb 2020
Examination Programme M.A. (Urdu) Subject Code (CO-5603) Campus Course based on C.B.C.S 26 Feb 2020
Annual Scheme of Regular & Private Examination -202007 Feb 2020
Examination Schedule for P.G. Diploma in Yoga Education (Session 2019-20)03 Feb 2020
Related to Re-examination Schedule of LL.M. Sub. Code L-3009(New)/ L-3012A Odd Sem. Exam (Dec-2019)22 Jan 2020
Examination date change of M.Sc. Applied Microbiology (University Campus Course)14 Jan 2020
Examination schedule of M.P.Ed. Ist Semester (Session 2019-20) for University Campus/ Aff. Colleges06 Jan 2020
Examination Programme/ Centre for MFA (Master of Fine Arts) Course Exam06 Jan 2020
Partially changed Examination programme for MBA(HA) & BBA(HA) Integrated I & III Sem. (for Main & Back paper. For University Campus, Dec 2019)04 Jan 2020
Examination Schedule for M.Ed. Course of Main/Ex./Back Paper Exam I, II Sem. of two year Course and Main Exam of III Sem. of two year Course03 Jan 2020

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