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The university has a gymnasium, wrestling stadium and excellent facilities for a number of indoor and outdoor games. The university is very well known in the country for its achievements in sports and games, and has produced a number of players of national and international levels. It regularly organizes athletic meets and inter-collegiate sports activities like wrestling, volleyball, basketball, hockey, cricket, etc.
Annual Sports Meet
Under the dynamic leadership of Professor Ramesh Chandra, our former Vice Chancellor, the University Sports Development Programme (USDP) under the In-charge ship of Prof. Om Singh was launched on the very first day of his joining in this university. It is his continued interest and guidance in the process of development of sports and games, which enabled successful organization of annual sports activity of the campus students on such a scale.
Appointment of Coaches and Sports officer
Keeping in view the demands of students, under the USDP, the university has appointed two coaches, namely Nirvan Singh and Prashant Upadhyaya, one sports co-ordinator- cum-coach, Devendra Kumar and a Sports Officer, Dr.G.S.Rupal. These appointments will help in the development of sports and games in the campus, which is so essential for the overall development of their personality.
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