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The degree shall be granted for original research work in subjects recognized for Post-Graduate studies by the University, subject to ordinances given hereafter.
A candidate for registration for the degree of Ph.D. must have, at the time of application, a second class Master's degree, with at least 50% marks in the subject concerned OR A candidate holding Masters' degree with at least 55% marks (50% for SC/ST candidates) in the subject concerned, is also eligible for registration for Ph.D. degrees as per University Rules in the Teaching-Departments of the University OR A candidate having Second class Master's degree, with at least 55% marks in allied subject, approved by The Board of Studies may apply for the registration. Their cases will be placed before the R.D.C for consideration, under Interdisciplinary Approach.
Venue of Research
Eligible candidates shall be permitted to carry on research at a centre recognized by the University.
  • SUPERVISOR A supervisor to be recognized for guiding research shall be permanent teacher, having a Ph.D. Degree of a teaching Department of this University or an affiliated/constituent college of this University in the subject concerned/allied subject. The supervisor shall have least three years of teaching experience and should have published at least two papers in reputed journals. Existing supervisors shall continue to supervise Ph.D. students.
  • CO-SUPERVISOR/ADDITIONAL SUPERVISOR A Co-Supervisor/Additional Supervisor from within the faculty with the above qualifications, may be permitted with approval of the R.D.C.    
  • EXTERNAL SUPERVISOR An eminent scholar from outside the University (associated with the Teaching/research organization having expertise in the subject of the research) may be permitted to act as an external supervisor with the prior permission of the R.D.C.
1) A person shall not be appointed Supervisor to supervise his/her relatives(son, daughter, husband, Wife, brother and relative in law).
2) A retired teacher of the University may be permitted to supervise jointly with the teacher of the Same Department/same discipline. However, this requirement will be applicable only to the University teaching Departments.
3) In case of subject of research being of an inter disciplinary nature, A candidate may be allowed to have two supervisors, both internal of different disciplines or one internal and the other external, in such case the permission of the VICE-CHANCELLOR on the recommendation of the R.D.C. REMUNERATION TO SUPERVISOR To guide Ph.D. scholars is an integral part of a teacher's duty. He/She shall not receive nor be paid any remuneration for this work.

Procedure for Registration
A candidate for registration for the degree Ph.D. shall submit an application to the university on a prescribed form, along with the required fee and a detailed synopsis through the supervisor and the Head of the Department Institution concerned, or the Principal of an approved research centre. The candidate will deliver an open pre-registration seminar on the topic in the department/research centre in the presence of the faculty members, research scholars and Post-Graduate students in this respect. The supervisor will submit a certificate along-with the application form to the research degree Committee that the candidate has delivered the seminar satisfactory.
Note: registration fees charged by the university will not be refunded in any case. Consideration for the application for registration.
The application for registration, if complete in all respects shall be placed before the Research Degree Committee of the subject and the candidate will appear, before the R.D.C., for presentation and discussion oh his topic. If the R.D.C. is satisfied with qualifications of the candidate, the synopsis submitted, the place of research, and the eligibility of the supervisor, he/she may be allowed to be registered for the research degree. Decisions of Research Degree Committee shall be implemented immediately. A candidate will be deemed to be registered from the date on which his/her synopsis is approved by the R.D.C.
Cancellation of Registration
Admission/Ph.D. registration of a scholar may be cancelled by the university on the ground of unsatisfactory progress report by the supervisor. Further, on ground of indiscipline or misconduct his admission to the institution may be cancelled and his registration to Ph.D. will stand cancelled automatically from the date of cancellation of admission. The supervisor shall be a member in all such decisions. A candidate may submit his/her revised synopsis within three months from the date of meeting of the R.D.C. as the case may be. The R.D.C. will ordinarily meet thrice in a year, once in the period of July to October, November to February and March to June each year.
Research Degree Committee
The body that considers the research proposals for a research degree of the university shall be called the Research Degree Committee. It shall consist of seven members, namely the Vice-Chancellors (Chairperson), Convener, two Internal Members and three external experts nominated by the Vice-Chancellor.
Submission of Thesis
A candidate registered for the degree of Ph.D. shall be allowed to submit his/her thesis not before two years from the date of approval of the research proposal by the Research Degree Committee. The candidate at the time of submission of thesis will deliver a seminar in the Department/Research scholars and P.G students. The supervisor concerned will submit a certificate along with the panel of experts/examiners that the scholar has delivered the seminar satisfactory. Moreover the candidate must have put in an attendance of 360 days at the place of research. A certificate to this effect from the supervisor must accompany the thesis. The maximum period allowed for submission of the thesis is five years from the date of approval of the topic by the research Degree Committee. However in some genuine cases the vice-chancellor may allow an extension of two years but that too with the recommendation of the supervisor and the candidate has to pay the fee determined by the University from time to time. In case the candidate fails to submit the thesis in the stipulated time of five years then his/her registration automatically stands cancelled.
Evaluation of Thesis
Examiners shall examine the thesis separately and submit their detailed reports and final recommendations, if all three examiners recommend the award of the degree or two examiners recommend award of the degree and third recommends the revision and resubmission of thesis, the candidate shall be called upon to appear for a viva-test. There shall be an open Viva-Voce, which shall be conducted at the respective department or approved research centre concerned under the over all supervision of the Head of the Department, the Viva-Voce test may be conducted at the University on the request of the candidate with the prior approval of the Vice-Chancellor. The candidate shall present a summary of his thesis and the work done by him before an audience consisting of the two Viva-Voce examiners appointed by the Vice-chancellor the candidate shall present a summary of his thesis and the work done by him before an audience consisting of two Viva -Voce examiners appointed by the Vice-Chancellor, teacher and Post-graduate students of the subject concerned and allied subjects. A notice to this effect shall be circulated by the supervisor with the prior approval of the Head of the Department/Principal of the college concerned/head of the Institution. A copy of the above notice shall be attached with the viva-voce report.
Ordinances-For Doctor of Literature/Doctor of Science/Doctor of Law
The degree of Doctor of Literature, Doctor of Science and Doctor of Law shall be abbreviated to D.Litt., D.Sc. and L.L.D respectively. The degree of D.Litt./D.Sc./L.L.D shall be granted for high original research work already published having its own significance in the subjects recognized for Post-Graduate studies by the University, subject to the ordinance herein after given, provided that no candidate shall be eligible for registration for D.Litt./D.Sc. before a period of three years after he/she has been awarded Ph.D. degree in the subject concerned.
A candidate for registration into the degree of D.Litt. or D.Sc. must hold a Post-Graduate qualification with 50% marks in the subject concerned under 10+2+3 system. This qualification will apply in case of those candidates who have acquired this Post-Graduate degree under 10+2+2 system. However, degrees of oriental examination will not be considered for registration in the above course. Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in the subject in which the candidate has applied for registration for the degree of D.Sc. or D.Litt., provided that in case of a candidate who takes up a topic which requires a probe in more than one discipline or the topic of D.Litt./D.Sc. is of the Interdisciplinary nature, the Vice-Chancellor may allow the registration even if the candidate has a Ph.D. degree in a subject other that in which he/she applies for the registration and if that Research Degree Committee considers him/her competent to carry on research in that particular field, provided further that the Vice-Chancellor may allow registration of a candidate who is a teacher in the University or an affiliated college or a constituent college of the University, and has obtained Ph.D. degree from a University other than this University, if he/she satisfies the other conditions mentioned above and the case is approved by the research Degree Committee. A candidate for the D.Litt. or D.Sc. degree shall submit an application to the University on the prescribed form along with a copy of his/her Ph.D. thesis and publications, if any, stating his/her qualifications and experience, the title of the proposed thesis and the purpose of study indicating the original contribution to knowledge which the thesis proposes to make. The application shall be accompanied along with a fee determined by the University time to time which is not refundable in any case. The candidate can not submit his/her thesis earlier than three years and not more than five years from the date of registration. The thesis submitted by the candidate must be entirely his/her own work, provided that the work has not been submitted for any other degree. It must be an original contribution to knowledge, opening new fields of research or making significant advancement on the results of existing investigations. It must be in a form suitable for publication.
Publication Of Thesis:
Before going to press for the publication of the thesis either in part or full, the candidate would have to seek prior approval of the Registrar by making written request within five years after the degree is awarded.
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