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Ch. Charan Singh University (Formerly Meerut University) Library was established in 1968 to serve the academic community of the university in particular and this region of the state in general. With the introduction of teaching of M.Phil. And research programmes in 1969, the library was temporarily moved in L.L.R.M Medical College Campus. A few buildings were built in 1970 at the university campus and the library was housed in room No. 106 on the ground floor of the Institute of Advanced Studies. The designing of the library building was planned in consultation with the renowned architect and library experts. Construction of the library was started in 1970 and it was formally declared open by the first Chancellor, Dr Gopal Reddy on 11th January1972. The shoebox type library building is designed on modular pattern. Its countless louvers, gentle ramps and full-length glass panels on all sides add to its beauty. It provides 2655.38 sq. meters of floor area spread over four floors. The Library is now known as Raja Mahendra Pratap Library.
The mission of the library is to support fully the research and educational endeavors of the students, Research Scholars and faculty of this university and its affiliated colleges, by collecting, organizing, preserving, and disseminating  information in any form, by providing effective service and instructional programs, and by utilizing electronic information systems to provide access to new information products and services
University library membership is open to the faculty members, students and research scholars of the university campus as well as to the faculty members of the affiliated colleges of the university. Besides these members, the library also serves to the consultant members coming from the different educational Institution and Industrial establishments.
The following table gives a total number of various types of Library members:
Library membership during the last two Years 2014-2015 2015-2016
Faculty Members including Colleges   78   78
P.G student   844   614
Non-Teaching Staff   17   18
Consultant Member   24516   19845
In the matter of acquisition of books our policy has been to acquire books of immediate relevance and books useful for advance level research in the subject concerned. Our aim has been to build up a rounded collection of books to meet the teaching and research requirements.
Besides acquisition against payment, the library also received great books from Central and State Government International organization and individuals
The following table gives a total number of various types of reading materials available in the library up to 31.03.2015:
Various types of reading materials Total Number
Number of Volumes   144339
Number of Titles 96796
Bound Volumes of Journals 26292
Number of Ph.D. Theses 10300
Current Foreign Journals 108
Current Indian Journals 196
Magazines 32
Newspaper 17
UGC Infonet Online e-journals more than 8000
e-journals      114
e-theses 2884
e-books 67000
Periodicals are an important source of research and advance teaching. The library has subscribed to more than 300 periodicals, 30 magazines and 17 Newspapers.
The library has one reprography unit. The library provides this facility to all teaching member and research scholar in the university at nominal cost of 0.40 paisa per copy. This facility has proved a boon to the scholars. The number of document Xeroxed has been as under in the current year
Total number of pages during the year 2015-2016 : 307837 Readers services in the form of issuing books location of reading material, Inter-library loan, Initiation of freshers, assistance in the use of reference tools and catalogue have been an important part of readers services.
The library remains open throughout the year except all National holidays as prescribed in the Rules. It observes working from 8 A.M. to 12 in the Night on all working days and from 8 A.M to 8 P.M on holidays. The study room of the library remains open from 8 A.M to 4 A.M. on all working days except National holidays. Some of the important services provided by the library are :
Reference Service
Circulation Service
Reprographic Service
Loan to Departmental Libraries
Internet Service
Online access to e-journals
  • Central Library is the member of INFLIBNET Programme, so all members of the library are able to access the services offered by INFLIBNET.
  • Central library is also the Institutional member of DELNET.
  • Greenstone Digital Library
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