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Department of Plant Protection
Established: July, 1998.
  • The department of plant protection was started in July, 1998 under the self finance scheme of the university.
  • There are separate departments of Ag.Entomology and Plant Pathology in the agriculture universities. But here efforts are made to club of both of the departments together so that may get the knowledge of diseases and insect-pest of the crop and transmit to the farmer, it will be helpful.
  • Department of plant protection have arranged many farmer training programmes on different crop diseases to educate the farmers. Student’s of the plant protection surveying of crops at the field in nearby area and solve the problems of diseases and insect-pest.  
Field of Specialization :
Plant pathology and Entomology
Programmes / Classes:
(i) M.Sc. (Ag.) Plant Protection.
(ii) Ph.D. Plant Protection.
1. Field of specialization:
i) Plant Pathology
ii) Ag.Entomology
(i) M. Sc. (Ag.) Plant Protection:
  • It is two year (four semesters) programme including the project work (thesis) with specialization in Plant Pathology/Ag. Entomology.
  • There are four theory courses and one practical in three semesters.
  • However, in fourth semester project report (thesis) based on research work done by the students.
  • The fourth semester, evaluation of research project and viva-voce exam is conducted for fulfilment of M. Sc. (Ag.) degree.
  • Each theory paper will carry average   50 marks (50+50 marks of internal and external evaluation), practical course 100 marks and the project of 100 marks.

ii) Ph.D Plant Protection
Based on research
Self Finance Course.
Eligibilty Conditionds:
Bachelor Degree in Agriculture/Biology Group (CBZ) with 50% marks.
Intake (Number of seats)
Designation Name Qulaifications Specializations Email Resume
Coordinator Prof P.K. Sharma M.Phil. Ph.D. N.E.T. Molecular Genetics, Genetic Engineering/Biotechnology, Microbiology Email not Available Resume
Give in Seperate files.
Existing Facilities available in the Department:
(I) Well equipped laboratories for Plant Pathology and Entomology:
(A)  Lab for isolation, purification and identification for diseases.
(B)  Isolation & characterization of bio-agents.
(C)   Mass production of bio-pesticides/bio-agents:
         (i) Beauveria bassiana
  (ii) Metarhizium spp.
  • Nomuraea spp.
  • HaNPV
  • Trichoderma spp.
  • Rearing of natural enemies.
  • Farmer training facility.
(II)   Air Conditioned Internet Laboratory:
(III)  Departmental Library:
Consisting of 1000 books (Foreign and Indian authors)
  • International and national journals, magazines and news papers
  • Indian Journal of Crop Science (Published).
(IV)   Facilities for research
Job Opportunities:
M. Sc. Ag. Students after completion of their degrees have job opportunities in the following area:
(a)        Teachers in University and Colleges
(b)        Research Scientists in Public & Private institutions
(c)        Pesticides Companies
(d)        Bio-control laboratory
(e)        Plant clinic centers
(f)         Banks
(g)        State Union Agriculture Departments
(h)        Krishi Vigyan Kendras
(i)         P.P.O., D.P.P.Q.S., N.C.I.P.M., N.B.P.G.R., C.I.B.C., P.D.B.C., N.F.L., C.I.L, F.C.I. etc.
(j)         Post-doctoral Positions in India and Abroad.
  • Placement of Students: 100%
  • Students are placed in different University, College, Research Institutes, Banks, Laboratory and   Pesticides Companies.
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