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Department of Mathematics
Head of Deparment :Prof. Jaimala
Mathematics is the queen of all sciences therefore importance of mathematics in any curriculum is self evident. This is the single science which is being used by all other disciplines, that is why its growth over the years has been phenomenal. In view of this, Mathematics was one of the earliest subjects, which was introduced in this University when teaching departments were established in 1969. Only the M.Phil. program was introduced in the beginning but later, the idea being to produce system analysts, designers, researchers rather than mere programmers M.Sc./M.A. also started.

The department has a computer laboratories and a good platform for working in mathematics education. It includes besides computers several innovative educational games, charts, models, film strips and full fledged films etc. In fact, demonstrating beauty and utility of mathematics, the department has made its mark in the field of mathematics education.

The department has organized 17 summer institutes, 11 workshops, and 20 symposis/seminars. UGC sponsored refresher courses for teachers of mathematics.
Fields of Specialization:
General Topology, Fluid Mechanics, Stability Theory, Summability, Reliability Theory and Approximation Theory.
Post-Graduate Courses
M.Sc./M.A. (Mathematics) is a two year duration course comprising of 4 semesters.
M.Phil Program:
It is a one year duration course comprising of two semesters.
Ph.D. Program:
The department provides facilities for research in a wide range of areas of mathematics and computer science
Programmes / Classes
M.Sc./M.A., M.Phil., & Ph.D.
M.Sc./M.A      :   It is a two year ( 4 Semester ) Degree Course
M. Phil.           :   It is a one year ( 2 Semester ) +  Project Report Degree Course
Ph. D.              :   Minimum TWO year and maximum FIVE year Course
Nature / Type
Eligibility Conditions
Same as mentioned in the last year’s admission brochure, namely,
 (a) M.Sc./M.A. – Second Class B.Sc. Degree (with the concerned subject as a main
                   course) with 55% marks and second division Intermediate
                   Examination  or 50% marks in each of the Bachelor’s degree and
                   Intermediate Examinations, separately.
(b) M.Phil – Second class Master’s Degree in the concerned subject with 55%
                     marks. The eligibility conditions regarding Bachelor’s degree and
                     Intermediate Examinations are same as for admission to M.Sc.
Note – Candidate who already have a post-graduate degree are ineligible for admission to another post-graduate programme, provided the same can be pursued as a private candidate.
Intake (Number of Seats)
(a) M.Sc./M.A.  :      20 (10 General  Cat  +  06 O.B.C. Cat  +  04 S.C./S.T.Cat )
(b) M.Phil.              - 10 (05 General Cat  +   03 O.B.C.Cat +  02 S.C./S.T Cat.)
Pattern of Paper Settinf for Entrance Test
Sections Weightage
General Awareness 30%
Subject Specific 40%
Higher Level Special Questions 30%

Designation Name Qulaifications Specializations Email Resume
M.K. Gupta M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D. General Topology, Approximation Theory Email Resume
Jaimala M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D. Fluid Mechanics, Stability of Flows Email Resume
Professor Shiv Raj Singh     Email Resume
Mukesh Kumar Sharma M.Sc., M.phil., Ph.D. Fuzzy Reliability, Vague sets, Vague Reliability, Fuzzy Optimization, Intuitionistic Fuzzy sets.    
Sandeep Kumar     Email Resume
Saru Kumari M. Sc, M.Phil, Ph.D.  Cryptography Email Resume
M.Phil. SYLLABI(Mathematics)
M.Sc./M.A. SYLLABI(Mathematics)
Job Oppurtunities
Teaching, Administration, and Research & Development Organizations
Our students have found placement in Research & Development Organizations,Teaching Position in Universities and Colleges, D.R.D.O., employed     through competitive examinations in Government as well as Financial Institutions.

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