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Department of Library and Information Science
The Department of Library and Information Science of Ch. Charan Singh University, Meerut was established in the year 2004 under self financing scheme with the intention to provide quality education in the field of Library and Information Science to the students of this region. The university took initiatives for establishing this Department, and it was for the first time in the boundaries of the university campus that Library and Information Science Department constituted at par with other teaching departments under self financing scheme
BLISc Bachelor of Library & Information Science
Courses offered by the Department
The training in the discipline of Library and Information Science is needed for developing and shaping future managers of Libraries and Information Centers. Such managers with necessary skills and aptitude are required for converting their respective centers of activities into excellent sources for accessing the ever exploding literature and information related to the various disciplines. Realising the above importance of library and information science in view, Department provides facilities for the following courses:
Staff Teaching
Designation Name Qulaifications Specializations Email Resume
Email Resume
Dr. J. A. Siddiqui B.Sc.(Hons), M.Sc., M.Lib.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D. Knowledge Organisation and ICT
Teaching Assistant Ms. Sarla Verma M.A., M.Lib.Sc. Email Resume
Teaching Assistant Mr. Narendra Singh  M.A., MLISc., M.Phil. Email Resume
Guest Faculty   Mr. Krishna Kumar    M.Sc., MLISc., NET Email Resume
B.A.        Bachelor of Arts (Library & Information Science)  
BLISc        Bachelor of Library & Information Science  
MLISc       Master of Library & Information Science  
Computer Lab
A separate well equipped computer lab is meant for the students of both the courses offered by the department ( MLISc. and BLISc. ) besides Central Library and the Internet Lab.  The computer laboratory has 10 computers, one LCD with display board and three printer. The Department has Internet connectivity for the students. Students are allowed to access the internet to pursue  their studies.
Library is always known as the heart of any academic institution. The Departmental library is housed in spacious hall. The Library of the Department is having a total collection of more than one thousand books related to curriculum by different National and International authors. The departmental library is also subscribing to a number of important journals in the field of Library & Information Science besides Classification schemes, Catalogue Codes and other such tools.
Job Opportunities
Library is known as the heart of any academic institution. It is also said that without a library no academic institution can survive. With the tremendous growth of academic institutions in the entire country the demand of library science professionals has increased to many fold. Library Science professionals are demanded by the Universities, Institutions, Colleges, Information Centres, Documentation Centres and Research Centres. Therefore the job opportunities in this professional course is evergreen.
All the students of the department have been placed in different positions in various Institutes/Universities/Colleges. It is the remarkable achievement of the department that none of its pass out student is on road side, resulting the rush for seeking admission in these professional courses offered by the department.
Our Didstinguished Visitors

*          Prof. Gabriel Gomez                  Chicago State University, USA
*          Prof. C. P. Vashishtha                Ex-Head, DLIS, DU
*          Dr. Shailendra Kumar                 Ex-Head, DLIS, DU
*          Dr. U. C. Sharma                        Head, DLIS, Dr. B. R. Ambedkar University, Agra
*          Dr. Jyoti Misra                            Deputy Librarian, University of Lucknow
*          Dr. Rochna Srivastava               Head, DLIS, Bundelkhand University, Jhansi
*          Dr. J. P. Srivasatava                   Head, Computer Division, IIT Delhi
*          Prof. Mustafa Zaidi                     Head, DLIS, AMU Aligarh
*          Dr. M.M.A. Ansari                       Course Coordinator, JMI, New Delhi
*          Dr. R. K. Srivastava                    Librarian, Supreme Court Library, New Delhi

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