Syllabus of M.A. Sociology  

Syllabus of M.A. Sociology, Department of Sociology in university and its affiliated colleges (w.e.f. 2010-11)


Courses for study in sociology have been redesigned with a view to develop skills among students to understand different types of societies and groups by acquiring knowledge of theories, concepts and methods of research. The students will be encouraged to discuss possibilities of applying their knowledge to a variety of situations and undertaking exercises of their own.
Each course contains illustrative studies and recent articles for intensive study. Selections for illustrative studies and research articles for a current semester will be made by the departmental committee and communicated to the Registrar within one month of the commencement of the course. Through these studies it is hoped that abilities for "doing sociology" will be developed among the students. Provision is being made for at least two practical exercises in each semester to enable the student to learn doing sociology. Internal evaluation shall be based on the following items - Test I–10 Marks, Test - II - 15 Marks, Seminar - 15 Marks, Quiz tests - 10 Marks. Thus, total internal evaluation in each course shall be of 50 Marks. Each course carries 50 marks on the basis of external mode of evaluation.
There shall be 16 courses of 100 marks each (Four courses in each semester) and practical exercises of 400 marks, 100 marks at the end of each semester. Practical will run through the four semesters and the examination will be conducted at the end of the each semester for 100 marks. A Board of examiners consisting of one external and one internal will examine these exercises for 100 marks. Total Evaluation shall consist of 2000 marks (1600 theory and 400 practical)

Sl. No. Semester Course Content Maximum Marks
1. I Course I Sociological Concepts 100
2. Course II Classical Thinkers 100
3. Course III Methodology of Social Research 100
4. Course IV Rural Sociology: Concepts 100
5. End of the 1st Sem. Practical Exercises and Viva-Voce 100
6. II Course V Basic Statistics & Computer Application
in Social Research
7. Course VI Neo-Classical Theories 100
8. Course VII Social Change: Processes and Theories 100
9. Course VIII Rural Development: Concepts and Dimensions (PG: 101 B) 100
10. End of the IInd Sem. Practical Exercises and Viva-Voce 100
11. III Course IX Modern Sociological Theories 100
12. Course X Explanation in Social Science 100
13. Course XI Social Change in India 100
14. Course XII Works of a Classical / Contemporary / Modern Sociologist 100
15. End of the III Sem. Practical Exercises and Viva-Voce 100
16. IV Course XIII Sociology in India 100
17. Course XIV Perspectives on Indian Society (PG:103) 100
18. Course XV Classification in Social Sciences 100
19.   Course XVI Optional Courses. * (any one) 100
20. End of the 4th Sem. Practical Exercises and Viva-Voce 100

Total Marks

  • The Department is authorized to offer these optional courses keeping in view the faculty strength and infra-structure available at its disposal.

Optionals of Course XVI:              

      Course XVI-1             :           Participatory Management in Community Development
            Course XVI-2            :           Political Sociology
            Course XVI-3            :           Rural Industrialization and Entrepreneurship
            Course XVI-4            :           Sociology of Disasters and Disaster Planning 
            Course XVI-5            :           Human Resource Development
            Course XVI-6            :           Sociology of Development
            Course XVI-7            :           Environmental Sociology   
            Course XVI-8            :           State, Society & Human Rights
            Course XVI-9            :           Globalization and Society
            Course XVI-10          :           Urban Studies
            Course XVI-11          :           Sociology of Organization
            Course XVI-12          :           Social Stratification
            Course XVI-13          :           Career of a Concept
            Course XVI-14          :           Sociology of Science
            Course XVI-15          :           Peace and Conflict Studies
            Course XVI-16          :           Sociology of Social Movements  
            Course XVI-17          :           Sociology of Religion
            Course XVI-18          :           Medical Sociology
            Course XVI-19          :           Sociology of India


Practical Exercises – I/II/III & IV Semester


(Existing guidelines for practical exercises remain the same, attached herewith; out of which 2 exercises will be undertaken in each 1st and 2nd semester. and the practical book, typed/hand written in duplicate shall be submitted to the department and examined in the end of each semester for 100 marks and 2 exercises will be undertaken in each 3rd and 4th semester. and practical book, typed/handwritten in duplicate, shall be submitted and examined in the end of each semester for 100 marks.)

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